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2024 School of General Payments (Members Only)


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January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024

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The School of General Payments will provide students with the foundational information needed to navigate the world of payments. This school, and its contents, are a NEACH member benefit meaning that all NEACH members can enroll and access content and related materials as a part of being a member of NEACH. Graduates of The School of General Payments will be exposed to key terms and concepts surrounding ACH, Wires, Checks, Cards, and Instant Payments. Topics such as payment process flows, legal framework, introduction to rules, and the ACH rulemaking process will be explored. This program benefits those new to payments or those needing a refresher before diving into more complex concepts. It is a great way to start with NEACH University as you work to further enhance, develop, and progress in your role and career. 

Learning Outcomes
 Learners completing the School of General Payments are expected to be able to explain the essential characteristics of each main payment channel.
 Learners should be able to compare the similarities and differences between the various payment channels.
 Learners should be able to identify the primary sources of governance related to each covered payment channel. 

Program and Course Timeline
The School of General Payments opens in January 2024, and students must complete all courses and related coursework by the end of December 2024 to be eligible for graduation from the program.  

1. Basic Check Overview
2. Check Return Process
3. Basic ACH Overview
4. ACH Return Process
5. Basics of Instant Payments
6. Check Legal Framework
7. Introduction to the Eccho Check Rules
8. ACH Warranties
9. Check Warranties
10. ACH Standard Entry Class Codes (SECs)
11. Deeper Dive into Check Types
12. ACH Legal Framework
13. Basic Wire Transfer Overview (Wires Including Flows and Participants)
14. Wire Transfer Legal Framework
15. Wire Transfer Warranties
16. Cards Legal Framework
17. Introduction to Cards
18. Government Payments in the ACH network
19. ACH Rule-Making Process
20. Navigating the Nacha Operating Rule Book
21. Updates to the ACH Network
22. NEACH Member Benefits

• ACH Coordinators
• Associate Members
• Anyone involved in Check Processing/RDC
• Financial Institutions
• Operations

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