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Check Returns and Adjustments


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Monday, April 03, 2023
Webinar; 1.2 NCP CEU Eligible
Level: Beginner

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As with most payment methods and rails, transactions may flow forward and also backward. For checks, this is referred to as the check return process. There are many scenarios where a paying bank may need to return a check it received for payment against one of its account holders, such as for stop payment, insufficient funds, error, and even account holder dispute. When processing these scenarios through the Federal Reserve, there are choices and considerations to work through. One of the first considerations is whether to process a check return or make an adjustment. Associated timeframes and the ability to get immediate credit to become variable depending on the decision the paying bank makes. What does that mean, and what are the implications of these decisions for a financial institution?

In this session, NEACH helps attendees navigate the various check returns and adjustment considerations. For instance, topics related to standard return timeframes, late return requests, large dollar returns, and adjustments with or without entry will be explored. Attendees will leave this session having gained a solid understanding of what check returns and adjustments are, what the associated processes entail, and considerations for when to send a return or make an adjustment.

In this session attendees will:
• Recognize the critical considerations related to check return processing as outlined in Fed Operating Circular 3
• Describe and compare the check return and adjustment processes
• Recognize the rules and regulations that impact exception handling

Mark Dixon, AAP, APRP, NCP, Vice President, Education, NEACH

• Check
• Check Processing/RDC
• Compliance
• NCPs
• Operations

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