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The Importance of Exposure Limits


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Friday, April 01, 2022
On-Demand; 1.2 AAP/APRP CEU Eligible
Learning Level: Beginner

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ODFIs are required to assign exposure limits to all Originators, and this should be done in a way that reflects the nature of the risk the Originator represents. ODFIs must then figure out how to set these limits in a way that is consistent with their risk profile as an institution. Exposure in a payment system is based upon settlement and not using a long-term view of whether a client can cover that exposure. This can be very tricky, which is why in this session, we aim to make this requirement less onerous and painful to ODFIs by explaining the reasoning, the value and importance of these limits. The session will also look at how Same Day ACH can impact exposure limits.

Attendees will leave this session:
• Understanding the Originator selection process
• Recalling Origination Agreement requirements
• Identifying the criteria used to determine exposure limits
• Recognizing the importance of establishing, monitoring, and reviewing exposure limits
• Identifying the reporting requirements for Originators/TPS

Elyssa Morgan, AAP, APRP, Senior Director, Membership, NEACH

• ACH Coordinator
• Cash Management
• Electronic Banking
• Operations
• Risk/Compliance
• Treasury Management
• Financial Institutions

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