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2023 Future of Payments Symposiums Sessions


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Is your Organization Ready for the Next Wave in Payments Innovation?
The Future of Payments Symposium brings Industry leaders to talk about the latest developments in payments and what the future may hold.

This virtual event addresses the evolution of the payments landscape and its impacts on financial institutions. Sessions have been developed to answer the questions:

How can I prepare as an organization for the future of payments?
How as a strategic leader can I plan for the future of payments in my organization?

Register now to access all the sessions and material on-demand through the end of the year.

Operational Impact
Looking to learn more about how emerging payment technology and trends are impacting financial service operations? If so, consider attending the Operational Impact track of the Future of Payments Symposium. On this track, sessions are focused on topics related to blockchain solutions, GenZ and Millennial banking trends, digital payments, regulatory frameworks, and implementing instant payments. If you are an operational professional or someone interested in the operational impact of emerging payment trends, then this track is for you!

Tactical Approaches
The world of payments is dynamic and requires leaders in the space to be nimble and adaptive to disruptive technology and modernized business approaches. On this track, sessions focus on helping leaders access the information and resources needed to help them with modern and strategic payment approaches. Topics addressed include strategic approaches to payment services, new technology and solutions, instant payment technology roadmaps, banking fintech partners, and an introduction to NEACH’s new NEACH University. If you are working to drive the future of payments, consider attending sessions in the Tactical Approaches track of the Future of Payments Symposium.

Operational Impact Tactical Approaches


FedNow® Early Adopters Panel - Michael O’Brien, Eascorp and Robert Ames, Salem Five Bank, Joe Casali, Moderator
There is an amazing amount of industry buzz around instant payments. This is especially true about the July 2023 launch of FedNow®. Compare and contrast this fact against a recent national industry survey reporting that only 20% of respondents had an Instant Payments Strategy. The remainder were either working on it, didn’t have a strategy or unsure. In this session you will hear from NEACH members who have decided that not only would they participate in FedNow® but would lead from the very start.

The Real Deal on Payments and Digital Currencies - Mike Wise, Boston Blockchain Association
The last five years have seen progress in the field of digital currencies, both global and domestic, wholesale, retail, and central bank. That said, what is the current state? What is the best guess for the next five years? Beyond the hype. No tech speak. What's the real deal? What's not? What matters to a regional banker? Where can I find authoritative streams of information on the topic? Come with questions.

Strategic Thinking for Community FI and RTP - Thomas W. Grottke, CPA, The NBS Group, LLC
Financial Institutions have been watching payments move away from them over the last two decades and now the Fed has brought this new service, along with the same day ACH, Venmo, Zelle, and other solutions. This discussion will talk about the strategic situation, opportunities and planning considerations going forward.

Payments Panel: A Conversation with Gen Y/Gen Z - Jane Wallace, Wallace Consulting moderator and Gen Z & Millennial Panelists

Gain first-hand insights from a panel of Gen Ys and Gen Zs. Gen Ys -- also known as Millennials -- represent 22% of the US population, and Gen Zs – also known as Zoomers -- represent 20% of the US population. This fast-moving interactive session will focus on all things payments. Hear their perspective on a range of topics such as how they chose their financial institutions, how they use P2P apps, make purchases, pay bills, and perspectives on digital currency, security and artificial intelligence.

Conceptuality Vs. Practicality in Payment Modernization - Mark Dixon, AAP, APRP, NCP, NEACH & Joanne Pearce, New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp
There are many factors at play in our modernizing payments landscape. Hot topic concepts such as instant payments, artificial intelligence, application program interfaces, open banking models, metaverse, ISO 20222, voice payments, banking as a service, and many more are broadly discussed across the industry. Still, we don't always discuss the connection between these concepts and how they translate into practical solutions in the financial services landscape. In this fireside chat style session, Mark Dixon, Vice President of Education at NEACH, and Joanne Pearce – Chief Digital Officer at New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp, will have a lively discussion on payment modernization hot topics and counter industry expectations vs. pragmatism. Audience members are encouraged to engage freely with the speakers throughout the session to maximize the potential for valuable dialogue. Join Mark and Joanne as they dive into the ins and outs of payment modernization in today’s complex banking environment and challenge industry expectations with the realities of implementation.

Attendees of this session will walk away being able to answer the following:
• What are the different types of technology disruption, and how do they impact the industry?
• As a financial institution, what business impact considerations should I consider?

Navigating Digital Payments Work Group Update - Jeremy Carley, CGI and Mark Dixon, AAP, APRP, NCP, NEACH
NEACH is an active member of the Nacha Payment Innovation Alliance which “is the industry’s leading membership group of smart, savvy payments professionals who believe in making innovation happen.” This year we worked with the Alliance to launch the Navigating Digital Payments work group. NEACH’s own Mark Dixon, headed up this work group and its mission is to bring a group together to examine this new frontier of funds exchange by exploring different angles and using various evaluation lenses to examine/educate what’s happening with digital payments. This year the group worked on their first deliverable which was an introduction piece speaking to what digital assets are and examining the ins and outs of digital asset management. This was piece launched at the October Alliance Meeting and will be shared here at FPS.

In today’s session, Mark brings together representatives of the work group to lead a panel style discussion and chat about what they’ve learned so far, tell you about what they’ve built, and discuss what the group has planned for 2024. Some of the topics we will have a dialogue on include defining digital assets, exploring the life cycle of digital asset management, and exploring the potential characteristics and use cases associated with digital payment movement.

Come join us for a lively discussion related to the future of payments as we dive into Navigating Digital Payments and share about the work group’s efforts!

Attendees will walk away:
• With a better understanding of what digital assets are
• Having been exposed to the different aspects that make up digital payments.

What's Next for Payments in the Digital Ecosystem - Lynne Marlor, Boston Blockchain Association & Karen McHenry, Metallicus, Inc
A discussion with two leading FinTech companies about the evolution of payments in the digital world. We’ll explore on and off ramps, wallets and what you need to know to prepare your organization for the wave of emerging payment infrastructures.

FedNow is Here - How It's Going & What's Next - Daniel Gonzalez, Federal Reserve Financial Services
Exciting news! Instant payments have finally arrived, and it’s time to embrace this incredible leap forward. But oh, where to start? Fear not, for together, we’ll embark on a journey to walk through key considerations and decisions for your instant payments journey, wherever your starting point may be. The FedNow Service empowers financial institutions of all sizes and communities across the U.S. to provide safe and efficient real-time payments, 24/7, 365 days a year! Join us as we dive deeper into this groundbreaking, newly launched service, destined to evolved into even greater heights.

What Needs to Change: Rules, Laws, & Regulations - Sean Carter, AAP, NCP, NEACH & Joe Casali AAP, APRP, NEACH
As we can see, even from the agenda for The Future of Payments Symposium, the world of payments is changing fast. Laws and regulations are often passed with knee-jerk reaction to a problem, such as Dodd-Frank and even Funds Availability rules. While payment rules are often passed with a vision of a better payments system, are they all enough? Or too much?

Join this interactive session with thoughts of what’s working and what needs to change as payments, use cases and options become exponentially more complex. Bring your ideas.

NEACH U Update - Mark Dixon, AAP, APRP, NCP, NEACH
Coming in 2024 NEACH is launching a new education program called NEACH U. This program provides reimagined payments-related education designed to help professionals level up in their payment-related careers. The program offers multiple schools of learning designed to meet learners that are in roles such operations, treasury, compliance, risk, leadership, and more. We will also have a school that is built just for the needs of businesses operating in the payment space.

Come join Mark Dixon, VP of NEACH as he explains what NEACH U is, what is coming in 2024, and how NEACH plans to continue to leverage this new frontier of learning to help drive forward the future of payments.

RTP® The Latest Developments in Instant Payments - Cheryl Gurz, The Clearing House
The time of instant payments has arrived. Hear directly from the RTP Operator about:
• Lessons learned in 6 years of continuous operation
• Industries and use cases that are thriving in the network
• New features are now being used
• Recent milestones that have been met

Compliance Considerations with Fintech Partnerships - Mary Mumper-Morrison, AAP, APRP, CAMS, NEACH
Are you currently partnered with a Fintech or actively engaged in a banking-as-a-service model? Or are you considering entering into a strategic partnership for the future? Many valid reasons exist for wanting to integrate your services and operations into these options, including new market acquisition, operational optimization, and even enhanced customer experience, to name just a few. However, there are also many compliance-related considerations that your organization, as the financial institution, needs to ensure are in place and are ultimately responsible for under applicable rules, laws, and regulations.

Join NEACH Payments Group’s Lead Advisor, Mary Mumper-Morrison, as she dives into compliance considerations related to payment channel functions drawing on her experience working for an organization using the Fintech bank partner model. Topics such as ACH Rules compliance, Regulation E implications, and aspects of BSA will be explored leaving the audience with a better of the compliance risks of these relationships and their role, as the bank partner, in managing an effective Fintech partner compliance program. Join Mary for an interactive and lively discussion.

• Attendees of this session should walk away being able to speak to the high-level compliance implications of a Fintech banking partnership.
• Attendees of this session should be able to analyze an existing or potential partnership opportunity and point out payment-related compliance areas that should be addressed in formal partner contracts.

What is the Future of Payments? - Avery Miller, Royal Bank of Canada
For the past six years, the Future of Payments Symposium has explored how innovation and technology impact payments. We’ve heard from startups, regulators, financial professionals, FinTechs, startups, executives, and NEACH experts.

We’ve scaled real-time payments, seen the launch of the long-awaited FedNow® Service, observed Nacha focusing on and exploring Rules development around the receipt of entries, increased regulatory scrutiny, the emergence of even more innovation from Big Tech around the edges, and the continued consolidation within the industry - some planned and some unplanned failures.

In this session, Avery Miller will share his insights on the future of payments for New England financial institutions and FinTech’s. Throughout his career from FinTech startups to national and international banks, securing multiple technology patents along the way, Avery has developed a unique viewpoint of the payments landscape. Avery will share his insights on where the big implications are and the steps ahead for community institutions.

• CSuite
• Electronic Banking
• Faster Payments/Emerging Payments
• Payment Strategy
• Payments and Industry Trends
• Product Management

*Price listed is per person and does NOT allow additional registrations for free.

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