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2022 Winter Member Meeting


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Wednesday, December 14, 2022
10:00 AM - 1:30 pm ET
Up to 3 AAP/APRP CEU Eligible
Virtual Event via Zoom

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Join us for our Annual Winter Member Meeting on Wednesday, December 14th from the comfort of your own workspace!

Member Meetings are a great place to network, exchange information, and get real value in an interactive environment. Reserve your seat and register today!


10:15 - 11:05 am ET
Compare and Contrast: What Should I know about FedNow Vs. The RTP Network?
Mark J. Dixon, AAP, APRP, NCP, NEACH

Instant payments are a reality in today’s operating environment. The RTP Network continues to grow in industry access and volume, and FedNow is scheduled to launch with its first live transactions as early as possibly May of 2023. The core functionality of both rails centers around sending, receiving, and request for payment functionality. The implication of real-time fraud monitoring also needs to be considered as these networks operate in real-time messaging standards, which traditional batch monitoring fraud systems may not be able to monitor and respond to adequately.
In this session, NEACH’s Vice President of Education, Mark Dixon, will review key considerations about each instant payment network.

Some of the main topics addressed will include:
• Defining the core functionality and characteristics of each system
• Discussing potential use cases for financial institution customers and members
• Exploring systematic considerations related to connection points and configuration
• Examining instant payment risk mitigation policy
• Reviewing the rules, regulatory, and associated audit requirements

Come prepared with questions you have. We may not have every answer, as much is still being worked out, but a lively discussion will help everyone level set and better understand the instant payment networks. We look forward to seeing you at our Winter Member Meeting to discuss the ins and outs of critical considerations related to The RTP Network and FedNow.

11:20 - 12:10 pm ET
Top Cyber Threats for Payments in 2022
Alyssa Pugh, Tandem, LLC

The cyber threat landscape is ever evolving, and we need to evolve with it. While scammers and hackers have a set of tried-and-true tricks up their sleeve, the way they use these against us is new every day. In this session, we will discuss some of the top cyber threats for payments in 2022, including trends in social engineering, vulnerability exploits, and other cyber threats designed to compromise your data and operations. As payments professionals, it is important to continually assess the risk of cyber threats and understand how we can best protect ourselves and our businesses.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to perform a risk assessment, including:
1. Identifying current cyber threats impacting the work of payments professionals.
2. Taking steps to reduce the likelihood and potential damage of a cyber incident.
3. Knowing how to monitor the risks and controls to make sure they keep working.

12:25 - 1:15 pm ET
HELOC Fraud Update
Rayleen M. Pirnie, BCJ, AAP, CERP, Director, Risk & Fraud, NEACH

During this session, the Fraud Committee will address some of the hot-topics of the year, focusing specifically on HELOC Fraud cases. In recent weeks, these cases have mounted over a million dollars per occurrence. We’ll provide an update along with other fraud trends we’re seeing and provide information on how your institution might join the new 2-year Committee Term.

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