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2024 School of Daily Operations - All Tracks


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January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024
Webinar & On-Demand
upon completion

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Non-Member Price: $3450.00

The School of Daily Operations will give students a greater understanding of the ins and outs of various payment-related operational functions and associated rules and governance. This school, and its contents, are available via the NEACH University enrollment process. Graduates of The School of Daily Operations will be exposed to various operational functions associated with ACH, Wires, Checks, Cards, and Instant Payments. Topics such as forward exchange, returns, exception handling, file processing, ACH Rules, and government payments will all be explored.

This program benefits those working in payments by providing a greater understanding of payment operational functions and the associated industry and governance that must be followed. This school is an excellent tool to help you understand your role as an operations payment professional and sets you up to grow and develop in your career. Students interested in the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) and National Check Professional (NCP) programs may find this school beneficial to prepare to enroll in the accreditation training program. The School of Daily Operations is a core offering within NEACH University.

Learning Outcomes:
• Learners completing the School of Daily Operations should be able to apply the knowledge they acquired to perform associated payment-related operational processes effectively.
• Learners should be able to compose procedures that meet institutional requirements and comply with applicable rules, laws, and regulations.
• Learners should be able to propose changes to payment operations processes that ensure the institution meets its compliance obligations.

Program and Course Timeline
The School of Daily Operations opens in January 2024, and students must complete all courses and related coursework by the end of December 2024 to be eligible for graduation from the program.

Live Courses:
1) Introduction to the School of Daily Operations
2) 2024 Industry Update
3) Deep Dive Into Standard Entry Class Codes
4) All About Authorizations
5) Exploring Payment Rules and Regulations
6) Check Returns and Adjustments 4/18
7) Stop Payments and Written Statement of Unauthorized Debits (Consumers vs. Corporate)
8) Payments-Related Fraud
9) Stop Payments on Checks
10) Understanding Consumer Authorizations
11) Utilizing the Green Book
12) Originator Onboarding
13) Third-Party Senders
14) Digging into Reclamations

On-Demand Courses:
15) ACH File Formats
16) ACH Funds Availability
17) Funds Availability and Holds for Checks
18) Post Onboarding ACH Originator Management
19) Processing Incoming NOCs
20) Processing Incoming Returns
21) Reversal, How, Why, and When
22) Roles & Relationships – ODFI
23) Roles & Relationships – RDFI
24) Rules and Regulations in the Payments Space
25) Same Day ACH: The How to Guide
26) The Basics of ACH Origination
27) Wire Transfers

• AAPs
• ACH Coordinator
• ACH Origination
• ACH Receipt
• Anyone involved in check processing/RDC
• Electronic Banking
• NCPs
• Operations
• Originator/TPS Education
• Treasury/ Cash Management

*Please note that the access information will be sent to you in a separate email upon receipt of payment. Access information and support are only provided during normal business hours. Students must complete all courses and related coursework by the end of December 2024 to be eligible for graduation from the program.

**Price listed is per person and does NOT allow additional registrations for free.

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