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2024 School of Payments Modernization


Event Details*
January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024
Webinar & On-Demand
upon completion

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Member Price: $500.00
Non-Member Price: $750.00

The School of Payment Modernization is available for students interested in better understanding what’s new and changing in the world of payments. This school, and its contents, are available via the NEACH University enrollment process. Graduates of the program will explore technology, emerging payments, and the disruption happening in payments today. Topics explored include the building blocks of faster payments, an introduction to instant payments, and completing the Faster Payments Certificate. This program benefits anyone interested in what’s happening with payment modernization.

This program is also a great way to prepare to enroll in the upcoming Accredited Faster Payments Professional (AFPP) certification training. NEACH University is proud to support learners in their journey to train for the future of payments.

Learning Outcomes:
• Learners completing the School of Payment Modernization are expected to be able to apply their knowledge to help their organizations understand what changes are happening and account for the factors they should consider for the future.
• Learners should be able to differentiate between The Clearing House RTP Network and the instant payment FedNow

• Learners should be able to examine their practices to identify potential process and compliance gaps and implement remediation plans to address them properly."

Program and Course Timeline
The School of Payments Modernization opens in January 2024, and students must complete all courses and related coursework by the end of December 2024 to be eligible for graduation from the program.

Live Courses:
1) Introduction to the School of Payments Modernization

On-Demand Courses:
2) Faster Payments Certificate
3) Introduction to Instant Payments and FedNow™
4) Building Blocks of Faster Payments

• AAPs
• C-Suite
• Electronic Banking
• Executive/Senior Management
• Faster Payments/Emerging Payments
• NCPs
• Operations
• Payment Strategy
• Product Management
• Product/Vendor Management
• Treasury/ Cash Management
• Wires

*Please note that the access information will be sent to you in a separate email upon receipt of payment. Access information and support are only provided during normal business hours. Students must complete all courses and related coursework by the end of December 2024 to be eligible for graduation from the program.

**Price listed is per person and does NOT allow additional registrations for free.

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