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2023 Payments Compliance Symposium


Event Details*
Wednesday, September 13, 2023 & Thursday, September 14, 2023
9:30 am - 12:30 pm ET each day
Symposium; Up to 6.4 AAP/APRP CEU Eligible
Level: Intermediate

Event Registration**
Member Price: $275.00
Non-Member Price: $375.00
(Tiered pricing is available for Members, please contact info@neach.org for more information before registering)

Join us for our second Payments Compliance Symposium to explore the newest compliance trends, tips to overcome compliance challenges, and to collaborate with peers! Increase your institution’s payments compliance position by attending this full-day, virtual event filled with nationally recognized compliance experts sharing their insights, receive actionable intel, and document helpful tips and resources to reduce your institutions possibility of noncompliance.

Please note: In addition to nationally recognized compliance experts and risk managers sharing their insights and tips, attendees will receive valuable takeaways including case studies.

Not all speakers may allow us to record their session so please plan to attend this interactive event live as a recording may not be available.

• Joshua Adams, AAP, Camden National Bank
• Jennifer Bowring, Camden National Bank
• Sean Carter, AAP, NCP, NEACH
• Nancy E Lake, ARC/AML-ology
• Rayleen M. Pirnie, BCJ, AAP, CERP, NEACH & NEACH Compliance Committee staff liaison
• Sandy Roland, AAP, APRP, CAMS, NCP, Lillie Resource Group & Member of NEACH Compliance Committee
• Terri Sands, CAMS - Audit, CFE, AAP, ACT Specialist, Stout & NEACH Compliance Committee member
• Dennis Walker CIA, CISA, CRCM, CFSA, CRMA, Formerly of Leader Bank, N.A. & Co-Chair of the NEACH Compliance Committee
• John Willis, Nelson Mullins Law Firm

Day 1 Agenda Wednesday, September 13th

9:30am-9:35am | Welcome

9:35-10:35 | What You Need to Know About Human Trafficking & Forced Labor | Nancy E. Lake, CAMS-Audit, CAMS-FCI, ARC/AML-ology
Human trafficking takes many forms. Financial institutions are charged with reporting and stopping the flow of funds of this heinous activity. We hear lots of stories in the news regarding the problem, but what exactly should financial institutions know and look for when conducting Customer Due Diligence and account monitoring? Join us for this session focused on key information like red flags and possible indicators, and practical applications to detect, investigate and report human trafficking. We will also discuss the latest findings and national initiatives aimed at combating human trafficking.

10:35-10:40 am | Break

10:40-11:30 am | Strategies for Preventing and Responding to Elder Financial Exploitation | Jenefer Duane, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Kate Kramer, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Join CFPB’s Office for Older Americans to learn about elder financial exploitation and get free resources for your financial institution or business. We will cover red flags of elder fraud to watch for, how you can participate in or start an interdisciplinary elder fraud prevention and response network to fight fraud in your communities, and various strategies for responding to elder fraud, including filing Suspicious Activity Reports and using trusted contact persons and transaction holds. 

11:30 – 11:35 am | Break

11:35- 12:30 pm | eSign and UCC – Electronic vs. “Wet” Signatures | John Willis, Nelson Mullins Law Firm
As payments continue to move faster and shift to move a more electronic environment, institutions are often challenged with identifying methods to obtain account holder signatures quickly for various events, such as a new loan for a consumer hundreds of miles away from the closest branch to a business who needs to execute a WSUD for a fraudulent ACH Debit, and for wire transfer execution to signing up for new services, this session will explore many examples of where eSign may be appropriate.

Attorney John Willis will peel-back the various layers of eSign and UCC to discover when an institution can rely on an electronic signature vs. a “wet sig” and special considerations when taking your forms online.

Day 2 Agenda Thursday, September 14th 

9:30am-9:35am | Welcome Back!

9:35-10:30 am |
Building a Culture of Compliance | Jennifer Bowring, Camden National Bank, Joshua Adams, AAP, Camden National Bank, Sandy Roland, AAP, APRP, CAMS, NCP, Lillie Resource Group & Member of NEACH Compliance Committee, and Dennis Walker CIA, CISA, CRCM, CFSA, CRMA, Leader Bank, N.A. & Co-Chair of the NEACH Compliance Committee
This panel of industry Compliance experts will discuss the numerous layers and strategies of successfully building an internal culture of compliance to help institutions identify and tackle problem areas. 

Internal silos can create issues well beyond frustration, introducing levels of non-compliance, increased risk and related losses, and more. Breaking these down is not easy, but essential to any successful compliance program. But that’s just the first step.

The panel will also address other common issues such as properly defining and developing lines of defense (and how to hold them accountable), how all staff support a successful program, Executive Management and Board roles, and more. 

BONUS! Attendees will receive valuable takeaways to jump start internal conversations as you implement changes to strengthen your Culture of Compliance!

10:30-10:35 am | Break

10:35-11:25 am | Building a Culture of Compliance Continued

11:25 – 11:30 am | Break

11:30- 12:25 pm | The Compliance Officer’s Guide to Managing Risky Business | Terri Sands, CAMS - Audit, CFE, AAP, ACT Specialist, Stout & NEACH Compliance Committee Member, Sean Carter, AAP, NCP, NEACH, and Rayleen M. Pirnie, BCJ, AAP, CERP, NEACH & NEACH Compliance Committee Staff Liaison
While any business can present compliance challenges and risk, an institution’s ultimate success of managing risky business starts with a solid foundation and strong program. 

In this session, the presenters will focus on answering YOUR questions regarding critical elements of managing businesses that, for a variety of reasons, present increased potential of risk to an institution.

We’ll dive into the complexities for managing risky businesses, from Board Reporting to monitoring activity, what to do with required audits (and what you should actually collect and why) to how/when to use certifications vs. on-site visits, and even documenting exceptions. We’re ready to tackle any or all of it! 

This is an interactive session where the panel suggests attendees submit their questions in advance by emailing them to rpirnie@neach.org or bring questions with you.  

Bonus! Attendees will receive a complimentary Originator Periodic Review Guide. 

12:25 – 12:30 pm | Close, Final Questions & Announcements

• AAPs
• ACH Coordinator
• Audit
• Compliance
• Electronic Banking
• Financial Institutions
• Operations
• Payment Strategy
• Product Management
• Reg E
• Risk/Compliance
• Training Director

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