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All About Stop Payments


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Friday, April 01, 2022
On-Demand; 1.2 AAP CEU Eligible
Learning Level: Intermediate

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During ACH audits, we sometimes find that there are issues on how stop payments are placed, with regard to expiration dates, one time or recurring stops, and how corporate customers have to renew stop payments if they want them to be in effect following the six month timeframe. The front line as well as call center staff are often the ones who receive stop payment requests from customers or members, and turn to Operations staff whey they have questions. Ensuring that Operations staff is educated on all stop payment parameters helps to make sure the intent of the customers or members is understood and reflected on how the stop payment is placed.

In this session attendees will:
• Identify the timeframes and requirements surrounding placing stop payments for consumers vs corporate customers
• Recognize the real intent of the customer or member who is asking to place a stop payment
• Discover the Rules as they apply to handling lost, stolen or destroyed official bank checks

Kathleen Shea, AAP, APRP, CAMS, NCP, Director, Education, NEACH

• Operations

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