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Advanced Rules and Regs for Checks


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Thursday, September 07, 2023
2:00 - 3:00 pm ET
Webinar; 1.2 NCP CEU Eligible
Level: Advanced

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Checks do not have a completely centralized ruleset that they follow. Instead, when navigating through various check-related scenarios, financial institutions need to be able to understand which UCC warranties are at play and any associated requirements of UCC 3 or 4, determine if Regulation CC or Regulation J warranties apply, know the nature of potential fraud and where liability may rest, decide on if they can return, adjust, or need to deal direct, and they may even need to navigate through Fed Operating Circular 3 or the Eccho Operating Rules depending on how they and the other FI process check files.

As you can tell, check rules, roles, and responsibilities can be complex and hard to navigate. Checks are tricky because they are governed by law and don’t have a centralized source of operating rules that financial institutions can leverage to handle all the various check scenarios. Instead, what is needed by financial institutions is a core understanding of what governs different aspects of check processing and the ability to find the answer when you need it.

In this session, NEACH explores the various governance in place for checks, such as UCC 3 and 4, Regulation CC, Reg J, Operating Circular 3, and the Eccho Rules to help attendees better understand where to find the answers they need. This session is intended to be interactive and dives deeper into check law through case studies and ongoing conversations. Come prepared with questions you need answers to!

In this session attendees will:

• Explain which laws and regulations impact the liability and allocation of responsibility for various check scenarios
• Apply new knowledge to handling a multitude of check fraud scenarios
• Create an individual action items list to help the institution navigate the different forms of check law

Mark Dixon, AAP, APRP, NCP, Vice President, Education, NEACH

• Check
• Check Processing/RDC
• NCPs
• Risk/Compliance

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