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2023 Foundational Sessions: Members Only


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Monday, April 3, 2023 to December 31, 2023
On-Demand; Up to 9.0 AAP/APRP CEU Eligible 
Level: Beginner

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Foundational sessions provide a basic foundation of the payments systems, risk management, rules, regulations, and more. These on-demand sessions are appropriate for professionals entering the industry or those needing a refresher.

ACH Notification of Change Self-Check

This session will discuss the requirements for responding to Notifications of Change as well as the consequences for failing to do so. Attendees who are Originators will review making relevant changes for members and customers, and ODFIs will examine how they can ensure Originators respond appropriately to Notifications of Change.

AML – Alleviating the Risk
This session will review the five pillars of an effective AML Compliance Program, including the importance of identifying beneficial owners. The instructor will also address types of money laundering, potential red flags, risks, and ways to mitigate them.

ACH Risk Management Guidelines
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s Bulletin 2006-39 contains helpful ACH Risk Management guidelines on what data financial institutions should be periodically reporting to their Boards of Directors, who set the risk parameters for the institution. It also has important risk management mitigation techniques and controls. This session will summarize the guidelines contained in OCC Bulletin 2006-39, for your easy reference.

Being an ODFI 101
This session will underscore the importance of understanding your liabilities and responsibilities within the Nacha Rules. NEACH will further explore the various warranties that apply to ODFIs and will discuss how understanding these warranties will help mitigate your risk and avoid potential losses.

Being an RDFI 101
This session will underscore the importance of understanding your liabilities and responsibilities within the Nacha Rules to mitigate risk, avoid potential loss, and reduce compliance issues during your audit. It will also explore warranties that apply to posting, funds availability, returns, reclamation processing, and more.

Corporate Banking Solutions: Build Relationships & Generate Revenue
This session will review various corporate product offerings, such as Positive Pay and Debit Block, and explore how they can benefit corporate clients. The instructor will also discuss Remote Deposit Capture and wire transfer services, focusing on how these can help build a solid banking relationship with corporate clients and how these products and services may impact the risk management process.

Check Duplicates 101 – Concepts
Are duplicate items an issue in your Financial Institution? How does a check get deposited twice? This session will review the basic concepts of duplicates within the delivery channel of Remote Deposit Capture. The goal of the session is to give participants a clear understanding of definitions and warranties, history and impact, resolving duplicates, representments, and avoiding duplicates.

Introduction to ACH Risk
This session is designed to introduce Risk Management and will focus on common industry risks for ODFIs and RDFIs. After completing this session, attendees will have a firm understanding of risk types, their definitions, and how to apply risk mitigation to daily work processes.

Check Duplicates 201 – Holder in Due Course
According to Regulations CC and J, no one should be required to pay a check that has already been paid. This session will discuss how the rights of a holder in due course (the entity that retains the original check) affect the resolution of a duplicate check issue. With the growing use of remote deposit capture (RDC) and the possibility of the original check being presented for payment after having already been processed via RDC, financial institutions are looking for clarity on resolving this issue.

Keeping Your Originators Informed of Their Responsibilities
In this session, NEACH will discuss how financial institutions can meet the ACH requirement that financial institutions ensure their Originators know their responsibilities under the Nacha Operating Rules. This session will also discuss how the Rules don't prescribe exactly how to meet this educational requirement and provide suggestions for how financial institutions can help mitigate risks.

Overview of the U.S. Payments System
This session will provide an overview of various payment channels, including an introduction to the ACH Network. NEACH will discuss the growth and history of ACH transactions, identify all network participants, including their roles in the ACH Network, and explain the flow of entries. In addition, this session will cover the participants of checks, wire transfers, and cards. Regulations, laws, and rules will also be reviewed.

Unauthorized Transactions & the Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit
This session will provide best practices and requirements to help attendees comply with the Nacha Operating Rules for unauthorized ACH transactions. The session will include possible errors or missing information when managing these transactions.

You Received a Return, So Now What?

This session will explore the process for responding to the receipt of a returned ACH transaction. All associated options, including re-initiation will be reviewed thoroughly. This session is focused on helping attendees understand ACH Rules and requirements for handling returned ACH Entries.

Wire 101
This session will review wire basics for new employees or those interested in learning more about wire processing. Topics covered include exploring risks with wholesale payments, associated risk mitigation strategies, and understanding the various participants in a wire transfer and how they interact. This session will also review the differences between FRB, SWIFT, and CHIPS.

Navigating the Nacha Operating Rules Book for New Employees
This session will address questions about using the Nacha Operating Rules book as a reference. Attendees will gain a complete understanding of the structure of the Nacha Operating Rules and will learn how to navigate through it to find what they need with ease.

• ACH Coordinators
• Associate Members
• Anyone involved in Check Processing/RDC
• Financial Institutions
• Operations
• Risk/Compliance

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