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2024 School of Payments Strategy


Event Details*
January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024
Webinar & On-Demand
10.8 AAP/APRP; 3.6 NCP CEU
upon completion

Event Registration**
Member Price: $975.00
Non-Member Price: $1175.00

The School of Payment Strategy provides those working in payment-related roles with a solid understanding of the tactical nature of payments and guides learners on how to establish planned approaches that align with the company’s mission, vision, and strategies. The School of Payment Strategy, and its contents, are available via the NEACH University enrollment process. Graduates of the program will explore multiple aspects of strategic planning processes and learn to create actionable plans that can be applied to their own organizations. Topics such as payment innovation, market evaluation, environmental assessment, product management, developing strategy and tactics, and more will be explored.

This program benefits anyone in financial services seeking to develop their strategic lens to better understand how payments can drive a company forward. With the School of Payments Strategy, NEACH University seeks to help the industry better position itself for further innovation and evolution as we march toward the future of payments.

Learning Outcomes:
• Learners completing the School of Payment Strategy should be able to design payment-related tactical plans that align with their company’s strategies and overarching mission.
• Learners should be able to examine their existing markets and use this information to inform strategic decisions.
• Learners should be able to evaluate the performance of their payment-related programs and make necessary adjustments that better position the organization within its market.

Program and Course Timeline
The School of Payment Strategy opens in January 2024, and students must complete all courses and related coursework by the end of December 2024 to be eligible for graduation from the program.

Live Courses:
1) Introduction to the School of Payments Strategy
2) What Makes Up Today's Payment Landscape?
3) Driving a Culture of Payment Innovation
4) Payment Function Strategic Planning

On-Demand Courses:
5) Developing Payment-Related Strategies/Tactics
6) Faster Payments Playbook
7) Ongoing Review and Adjustment of Strategic Initiatives
8) Payment-Related Market Evaluation
9) The Manager's Role in Payment Product Management

• AAPs
• Executive/Senior Management
• Faster Payments/Emerging Payments
• Payment Strategy

*Please note that the access information will be sent to you in a separate email upon receipt of payment. Access information and support are only provided during normal business hours. Students must complete all courses and related coursework by the end of December 2024 to be eligible for graduation from the program.

**Price listed is per person and does NOT allow additional registrations for free.

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