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Exploring Check Fraud


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Monday, April 03, 2023
Webinar; 1.2 NCP CEU Eligible
Level: Intermediate

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Check fraud continues to plague the financial services industry. What’s interesting about it is that we can continue to see instances of fraud cases increase even though check volumes are on the decline. It can be a challenging process for financial institutions to navigate through the complexities of working through various fraud situations when they need to balance out applicable rules, laws, and regulations, which may not always 100% jive with one another. Still, all contribute to the framework that must be followed.

Failing to process check fraud scenarios appropriately can result in unnecessary losses and increase the operational burden associated with dealing with them. While there certainly are times when an institution may need to bear a loss, there are other times when it may be able to mitigate potential losses through a proper understanding of the check regulatory framework. This session will give attendees an in-depth exploration and understanding of different check fraud-related scenarios. Some topics that will be covered include exploring different types of fraudulent items such as lost, stolen, remotely created, etc., counterfeit vs. altered checks, responsibilities, and liabilities of parties to items/transactions, Check Warranties, Holder in Due Course, return timeframes, and more. Join us for this session and learn how to better navigate various check fraud-related scenarios.

Attendees will leave the session better able to:
• Examine the characteristics of an altered item vs. a counterfeit or forged item
• Compare the liabilities of parties
• Analyze laws and regulations that impact check fraud
• Demonstrate an understanding of the warranty claim process

Mark Dixon, AAP, APRP, NCP, Vice President, Education, NEACH

• Anyone involved in check processing/RDC
• Compliance
• NCPs
• Operations
• Risk

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